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Deer Hunting is a Right

November 26th, 2012

“Deer Hunting is a Right”


Written by Rick A. Talford

Wildlife Advocate

I am writing this article, with some frustration over the events that I watched this past Deer Hunting (gun) Season. I am not a deer hunter myself, but I know plenty of people that do hunt. I believe most hunters go out to the woods, with the intent on getting meat for their freezers. There are probably many that only hunt for the thrill of the kill, and the trophy rack. Everyone that gets a license, does so because it is a right. Now if they are going to go out and violate the rules of the hunt, then they should not be allowed that right.

I live close to Nugget Lake in Pierce County. There are plenty of corn fields that have been recently cut down, for people to see the many deer that roam the area. My wife and I enjoy seeing the deer, that come right into our yard to graze. Some even take extra time, and lay in the yard for hours at a time. We both like taking photographs of these creatures when they come so close to us. The amount of wildlife that we see on an average day, many never get the chance to see.

It happens every year, when hunting season opens up. The many gun shots usually wake us in the morning, and go throughout the daylight hours. We watch the many trucks and cars drive around after dark, shining their lights into the fields to see if the deer are near. We even get the occasional lights shining into our windows. This can be unpleasant, and is uncalled for. Remembering that it is a right to be shining, hunters need to keep in mind that there are no deer standing on peoples front porches for them to see.

I know that this does not cover all the hunters out there, but this can give one a bad feeling towards those that don’t follow the rules. I watched several different groups of hunters enter the fields around our home this year. There were those groups that left their vehicles on the roadside, and others that chose to drive into the fields. I found it curious on why they would drive into the fields with their trucks, and I found out why.

They used their vehicles to scare the deer out into the open fields, where the hunters were ready and waiting with their guns. This is by far, ILLEGAL to practice. I called and spoke with the local DNR agents, and had this confirmed. I find it absolutely sickening that these hunters used a vehicle to scare the deer, instead of walking and pushing the deer like you are suppose to. Now I did not see them actually get any deer, but I did see many deer run from the trucks driving around the edge of the woods. These hunters could not hit the running animals, Thankfully.

Now, just because I am not a current hunter, does not mean I have no clue on what I am talking about. I have hunted in the past, and I understand the rules for hunting. There are no acceptable excuses for violating the rules of hunting. There are many rules that are created for safety, as well as many to protect the animals from being hunted illegally.

I would like to remind everyone that hunts, “Be Responsible and Follow the Rules”. Those of us that are not hunting, do watch your actions. If you see any violations during the hunting season, you can call the DNR Violation Hotline at 1-800-847-9367.


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