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Elmwood Village & School District Meetings

December 2012 Village Board Report

December 11th, 2012

Elmwood Village Board approves 2013 Budget


Submitted by Rick A. Talford

Citizen Journalist


ELMWOOD, WI – The Village Board met early this month, to have their annual Budget Hearing. Everyone sat around talking about miscellaneous items, as no citizens attended to ask questions about the upcoming budget that was being approved. There were fairly large increases noticed in different areas, from the 2012 actual costs, to the money being requested for the 2013 budget. The Bowling Alley increased over twenty-three hundred dollars, and the Bowling Alley Benefits raised from three-hundred and ninety-seven dollars to four-thousand one-hundred and thirty-six dollars. The Village Board wages raised from one-thousand thirty dollars, to three-thousand four-hundred dollars. The Police Dept. outlay went from no actual costs in 2012, to eight-thousand dollars being budgeted. The Auditorium benefits rose from twelve-hundred forty dollars, to six-thousand twelve dollars. Publications went from six-hundred twenty-one dollars in actual costs, to three-thousand for the 2013 budget. The Misc. Revenue, under the InterGov. Chgs for Services, rose from fifteen dollars in 2012 actual costs, to over seven-thousand dollars. Street Lighting went from four-hundred fifty-five dollars, to over seventeen-hundred. There were a few major costs that had no actual costs in 2012, but will have significant costs in 2013. Sidewalks budget was set at thirteen-thousand three-hundred forty-two dollars. The Local Trans. Hwy budget also went from zero costs, to over thirty-three thousand dollars. The reimbursement figures came out to over seventy-thousand dollars. The biggest cut made by the budget this year, was to the Public Library. They will lose over ten-thousand dollars from last year. Trustee Brian Buck made statements to the board in regards to the budget numbers. “We have cut two employee’s hours down, Vicki is down to 65% and Butch is down to 70% of their hours. We will only repair half of the roof this year. The squad car paperwork has been filed, and we should have enough in the outlay to make the purchase of a new vehicle. The Library cut was approx. twenty-six percent, as the huge reason was our insurance costs raised the same amount.” Trustee Susan Dzubay said, “There is no extra income, we’ve lost three-thousand in finances. This is not just us, other small communities are having trouble too.” Trustee Buck then spoke again, “We might have to go to the community to figure out our ability to run with the current village costs. The community is gonna have to step up and help out. We are looking at cutting the village office hours down. The office workers will still be working, but the doors will be locked. Answering calls and citizens questions, takes away from them being able to get their work done.” Dzubay added, “A lot of communities are doing that.” Trustee Neil Boltic brought up the trailer park property that can be sold, asking if that has been listed. The Budget Hearing was then closed at 6:55 PM.

The Regular Board meeting then began, without any public input. The full board was present for the meeting, with Officer Matt Broehm also in attendance. There was no attendance by any community citizens. The approval of the 2013 Budget was unanimously approved through a roll-call vote. The next area on the agenda, was the Miller Property Acquisition for the new sewer plant. There were conference calls between Trustee Neil Boltic and Joe Miller in regards to the village purchasing additional property for the new sewer plant. In those calls, Miller requested payment of eleven-thousand nine-hundred dollars. He also commented on a “hand-shake agreement” that he had with past board members. “If he sold the property to the village, he would still have use of the building and yard.” Trustee Buck commented quickly about the agreement. “If we are the owners of the property, then technically the building is ours. There would be liability issues. We need the property, and the agreement can be resolved in regards to the hand-shake.” Trustee Dzubay then added, “The building and logs are a liability to us.” It was then stated that the owner has liability Insurance, currently on the property. The purchase was approved, after a statement was made that the village will save money on the sewer plant, by purchasing this land.

Next on the agenda was the position open for the Library Board Appointment. Sandra Weix agreed to continue her position, and the village board approved it. One operator’s license was approved for Rebecca Stewart, at Tiffany’s Tavern. Resolution 2012-05, Water and Waste System Grant Agreement was then approved. The timeline and numbers for this plan will be coming forward in the spring. Another Resolution 2012-06 Borrowing from the Trust Funds of the State of Wisconsin $35,000.00 for Financing Elmwood Area Fire Dept. Brush Truck, was approved unanimously by the board members.

In Committee and Board Reports, Trustee Buck explained they had the budget talks in the Personnel and Finance Committee, as well as the paperwork had been filed in regards to the new squad they are wanting to get through the Police Committee. Trustee Trisha Knops gave some information for the Nursing Home Committee, saying “We have a change upcoming with the MCO services. New service providers will take over January 2013.” She then provided information from the Library Committee. “A meeting was held earlier in the evening at the Library. The financial report showed a surplus of two-thousand dollars, and a deficit of three-thousand dollars in expenses. A motion was made to pay the two previous aides the monies they should have been paid. The “Christmas at the Library” brought in sixty people, fifteen of those were adults.” Trustee Mike Sand then provided information from the Public Works Committee. He spoke about the phone calls with Joe Miller in regards to the property purchase for the upcoming sewer plant project. The committee also looked over the plans they currently had, which can be changed with the agreed purchase of the property. The were no other reports to provide.

Payment of the bills and adjourning concluded the meeting at 7:20 PM.

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