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January 2013 Elmwoods Village Report

January 21st, 2013

Neil Boltic Files Non-Candidacy Papers in Elmwood


Submitted by Rick A. Talford

Citizen Journalist


ELMWOOD, WI – The Elmwood Village Board held their monthly meeting at the Auditorium on Monday, January 14, 2013. The entire board was present for the meeting. There were no citizens at the meeting, nor was there any public input. The Spring Election Report started this month’s agenda. Incumbents Stewart, Buck and Stohr all filed candidacy paperwork. Trustee Neil Boltic filed non-candidacy papers, as he does not plan on returning to the board after this term. There will be one seat left open for a three year term, as a Village Trustee. Any Elmwood citizen interested in the position, may run as a Write-In Candidate.

The board then moved ahead with an update on the Sewer Facility Plan Study. Tim Stock from Foth Engineering, provided more information in regards to the plans for the Wastewater Treatment Modifications. One Operator’s License was approved for Travis Bemis. The approval for Resolution 2013-01, Welcome Home Bond Payment was then discussed and approved. After taxes are paid, Ehlers Financial will calculate all the numbers and a payment will be made on September 1, 2013. The board then went forward and discussed some Long Range Plans for the Village. These included future street and sidewalk projects, as well as water and sewer plant needs.

Next on the agenda were a couple items regarding the Village Employee’s Schedule and Office Hours. There will be some minor changes to the schedule for the village office. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday open hours will be 8am – 4:30pm. Wednesday the office will be open from 8am – 2:30pm, and Friday they will be open 8am – noon. A schedule change is also occurring for two of the village employee’s, Vicki and Butch. Vicki will be working 8am – 2:30pm Tuesday through Thursday. She will work 8am – 4:30pm on Mondays, with Fridays off. Butch will have a variety of different hours until the bowling alley schedule ends. He will have Tuesdays and Thursdays off, while working Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Jamie will be able to use Butch at different times in the summer as their needs will fluctuate more.

The board then discussed the upcoming purchase of a new police vehicle. They approved a bid of $28,346 from River Valley Ford. Another $500 was approved for graphics from Velocity Vinyl, and $6,692 was approved for the installation of lights and sirens from Emergency Vehicle Services of Wisconsin. Trustee Brian Buck told the board members that he is still working on getting a grant to assist with this purchase.

In Committee and board Reports, Trustee Trisha Knops provided information from the Library Board. They have many frustrations in regards to the budget cuts made by the village. With the current cuts, the library may need to make serious cuts themselves now. A reduction in the hours open, as well as employee’s working will have to be made to stay within their budget. A twenty-seven percent cut was made by the village board last month, for the upcoming year.  Knops then gave information about the Nursing Home Committee. The January budget has been delayed due to more information being needed. There were plumbing issues reported and the residence has increased, due to the Spring Valley Facility having a waiting list. Trustee Brian Buck spoke to the board about the Personnel/Finance Committee. The changes in the work schedules were completed during the last meeting held. He also provided the information in regards to the new police dept. vehicle. Trustee Mike Sand provided a report from the Public Works Committee. They reviewed the Phosphorus levels, and looked over the plans for the treatment facility. There was no report from the Parks/Buildings, or the Licensing Committee.

The Payment of Bills was approved and the meeting adjourned at 7:55pm.


In recent School Board news- The Board has approved the changing of eight doors on the building, by Laforce at the cost of $14,969. A tax levy in the amount of $2,022,176 was approved for the 2012-13 school year. This was increased by $99,154 from discussions one month prior. A bid was approved to replace the baseball backstop fence by American Fence of Chippewa Falls, at the cost of $5,544. In the Superintendent’s Notes that were published most recently, the following quote was read. I felt that it should be passed on for the school district families to read, in case they didn’t get a chance to see it yet. Superintendent Paul Blanford wrote, “On December 14, 2012, an unimaginable tragedy took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. What can we do to prevent or be prepared for such an event? The truth of the matter is that in order to deal with an event such as the one that took place in Newtown, CT, we would need a military-like protection; nothing short of a perimeter fence with armed guards ready to kill the assailant. On December 18, 2012 we conducted a secure lock down drill. As an Administrator, it is comforting to know that we completed the drill and we are prepared to react. I am confident that our staff will do whatever it takes to keep our kids safe; and I am confident that our community will do whatever it takes to keep our kids safe.”

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