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Elmwood Village & School District Meetings

May 2013 Elmwood Reports

May 22nd, 2013

“Elmwood Village Board Reorganizes”


Submitted by Rick A. Talford

Citizen Journalist


ELMWOOD, WI- The May board meeting was held at the auditorium on Monday, May 13, 2013. A Hearing was held prior to the regular board meeting, so the sewer plant details could be provided to the village, by Gary Sweeney of Foth Engineering. After hearing many details about the three separate plans that have been considered, the primary plan was looked at, as the best for Elmwood. This sewer plant change will make it very similar to the one located in Spring Valley. The cost for the plant will be near $4 Million. There are USDA loans and grants that will be utilized for this project, with small increases to the citizens of the village on their monthly billings. No action was taken, as the final numbers have not been calculated as of yet. One of the biggest areas of concern for the new plant will remain, as the Phosphorus levels have been decreased by the DNR. The current allowance of 1.0 mg/l, has been changed to .075 mg/l. It was stated that this is nearly impossible for them to do, and they will likely need to request an economic variance from the State, once they get everything up and running. More information will be coming in the next few months. I did some estimating in the numbers that I received on this plan. It was stated that the village will need to pay $147,000.00 a year towards the $4 Million, which breaks down to a cost of $12, 250.00  a month. There are 354 accounts in Elmwood to pay this amount and by dividing the monthly cost between the accts. billed, you would see about a $35.00 a month increase in you bill on top of your current bill.

The regular board meeting then began with Public Input. Lifelong resident Glen Nelson spoke to the board and attending citizens. He had a response to the statement made last month about “nothing happening, and nothing will” in Elmwood. He began by listing the names of each of the businesses and services within the village. He told everyone “We have an investment in this town, and we do not appreciate it” He went on, speaking about future plans with helping make Main St. “Pop” more. There are plans of having students assist in painting some properties on main, he added. Nelson made a subtle request for the village to put in funds to help this project, without any replies. He ended by thanking the members of the board for allowing him to speak. Julie Breeggmann then spoke to the board about the business she is opening, called Julie’s Gym. She then announced a plan of having a Breast Awareness walk from Elmwood to Menomonie, through Downsville, using the Red Cedar Trail. This event is planned for September 14-15, 2013.

Reorganization of the committees was next covered. The following is a list of committees and who is on each: (Licensing) Delorse Radtke, Rick Stohr, Trisha Knops. (Parks & Buildings) Susan Dzubay, Radtke, Mike Sand. (Personnel/Finance) Brian Buck, Dzubay, Stohr. (Police) Radtke, Buck, Knops. (Public Works) Sand, Stohr, Radtke. Appointments to the following committees were also completed: (Nursing Home) Knops (Library) Knops (Plan Commission) Radtke (President Pro Tem) Buck. Some changes may be necessary as Radtke is also on the Zoning Board of Appeals and a conflict of interest is present at this time.

The Financial Statement and Supplementary information for Review and Audit was then looked over by all members of the board and unanimously approved. Two Operator’s Licenses for Virginia Morgan and David Rhy were then approved for Cenex. The Open Book and Board of Reviews dates were then set up for June 4, 2013. The Open Book will be from 5-7 PM and the Board of Review will be from 7-9 PM.

After losing longtime Deputy Clerk Vicki Lehmann, the board approved the hiring of a fifty percent assistant for the village office. Angie Fisher, from Maiden Rock was one of about twenty applicants to apply. She was accepted for the position and will start work on May 14, 2013.

In Committee and Board reports: Trustee Trisha Knops provided the Library report. Joann Baier had spoke to the library board in regards to the funds that were donated by Clark Smith. A donation over $80K was received with restrictions on the use by and for the library. It was clarified that the funds could only be used for goods and services to the people coming to the library. These would be the physical goods that can be carried out for use. Absolutely no use for remodeling, wages/salaries or other reasons are allowed. Knops brought a single question to the board on behalf of the library. She requested minutes to clarify the fact of who is responsible for the maintenance of the library, when the village is the owner of the building. Due to the reduction the village made in the library budget, they are trying to get their priorities set, and they want to know clearly who is supposed to be responsible for this area of concern. The Clerk will need to research the minutes back when the library moved out of the auditorium building, to see if anything was put into documentation in regards to that request. Verbally, it was stated back in 2004 approximately, that the Library would be required to be self sufficient if they wanted to move to the old drug store location. No further action was taken. Knops then reported that circulation was up, and the summer programs would be starting June 2 through the end of July. She also noted the “Friends of the Library” donated $250 for more UFO products. Trustee Brian Buck provided some information from the Personnel/Finance and Police Committees. They have already completed the application process for the office assistant, and the position for an officer is still in progress. Nearly 50 applications have been received for the job opening. A review and possible changes in the Personnel Policy will be coming up as well, was reported.

The Nursing Home, Licensing, Parks and Buildings and Public Works had no reports to provide. The meeting then adjourned at 7:55 PM.


In School News:

During the February 18, 2013, the board agreed to a short-term 9-12 grade English Teacher. Ann Vue was selected to teach the second semester. They also approved the co-op with Spring Valley for wrestling. A long-term position was approved for the substitute in vocal music. Taylor (Brummond) Wallace takes a maternity leave. The Open Enrollment has been closed for the special education due to the lack of space. The resignation of Bus driver Bryan Bechel and the hire of Bob Taplin were approved.

In the March 18, 2013 Meeting, the board spoke of a grant that was received for the forestry program. They received $1,500 from Fairmount Minerals in Pierce County. This was done in collaboration with the CESA 10 sustainability services. The board also approved two requests to retire, by teachers. Brenda Kado and Diane Hurtgen will retire at the end of this school year. There will be three teacher positions open for the 2013-2014 School Year. English 9-12, 3rd Grade Teacher and the Title 1 Teacher/Reading Specialist/SAGE. They approved the 2013-2014 CESA contract totaling $77, 534 for a number of services. The approval of the 2013-2014 Youth Options Application was approved for five seniors for UW-Stout and CVTC with tuition in the amount of $8,707. Brett Keyes was hired as the Assistant Baseball Coach. Twenty-eight seniors will graduate in May, was also reported. There was talk in regards to possibly hiring another English Teacher for the Middle and High School.

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