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“Disgraceful” event being held at UFO DAYS in Elmwood this weekend

July 26th, 2013

I was reading an article a few days ago on the Pierce County Herald website. As I was reading through the article, it was noting the different events that were going to be held throughout the weekend. I ran across an event that is taking place at the Longbranch Bar, on Saturday evening. It is listed as “Wisconsin Wet T-Shirt Contest”. For a small community that has plenty of youngsters running around all weekend long, I was extremely surprised to see such an event scheduled. I have plenty of concerns for such an event in a small, family oriented community. There is not a Police Officer on duty in the community at this time, so a few hired part time officers from the county will be in the town. They will be attempting to watch hundreds, if not thousands of people running around with open containers from downtown to the parks. The fact that this event is a “Sexual” event is a concern, with no control over who is watching these ladies do what they do. To my knowledge there will not be anyone verifying the ages of the contestants at an event, that alcohol will be everywhere. The fact that these contestants could be underage is another concern, being if not over 21 years of age, they should not be at a bar event. I made contact with the Village Clerk and began asking questions on if this event was cleared through the Village Board at any time. There has not been any public notification of this event happening. I was informed that the Village just recently was informed of the event, through a poster only. I was also advised that this should be the parents responsibility to keep their children away from the event. I find this a bit troubling that the Village Board claims no responsibility in an even that is happening within the Village limits, during the towns annual celebration. As to any legal issues within the Village, the Board is responsible in my mind. I was told to contact the Community Club, as they are the event planners. The bar owner is also the Vice-President of the Community Club that puts on this event. (UFO days) I attempted to contact members of the Community Club to get any information I could in regards to my concerns with this event. I have been unsuccessful with getting any responses by the Community Club Officers. I was attempting to get information on who the sponsor of this event was, being it is titled as a “WISCONSIN Wet T-Shirt Contest”. I did make contact with the Sheriff, and she stated that it was her knowledge, that this event was not what people assume it is. (Traditional show-all wet t-shirt) She stated that she was told the contestants would be wearing there proper clothing (shirt and undergarment) and they would be placing a wet/frozen t-shirt over the top of their clothing. The first contestant that has the wet/frozen shirt thaw completely is the winner. The labeling of the event is being used to mislead people, to get them to attend the event. This bar owner is the same person that used “Polaris” in his label during public elections in the past. He worked for the company at the time, and felt it was OK to call himself “Polaris Bob” in a legal election process. I truly believe if this event would have been publicized prior to the weekend, there would have been citizens that would have stepped forward against having this type of event in Elmwood. The UFO Days have always been a family oriented event, and a Wet T-Shirt Contest for females to show off their chests, is not a family event in any manner. Through all of my attempts to get clarification of what this event actually details, I have not received any feedback. I am hopeful that the Sheriff has been advised with truthful information, as if this is a traditional wet t-shirt contest, it would clearly be disgraceful to hold that type of event during the annual UFO Days Celebration. That would result in one persons attempt to pad his pocket book, disgracing an entire event and community. Either way, I look at this labeling of such an event, distasteful at a minimum.


UPDATE: I finally made contact with a person that stated they were not a current member of the Community Club, but they had spent plenty of time on the committee before. The person I was attempting to contact was the owner of Just You Salon in Elmwood. She is a current member and officer of the CC. I was told she was too busy to talk to me, but this lady claimed she could assist me. I asked her about this event and it’s details. I was told that the Community Club had absolutely nothing to do with the event. She then stated that it is an event where the shirts are wet and then tied into a knot and frozen. The contestants then have to try to get them untied first, and they win if they are first. This was clearly not the same definition I was given by the Sheriff. I had also asked her what WISCONSIN backing this event had, and she became rude and hung up on me without any further details being provided. This just creates more concern with everything being so secretive and nobody being able to give me the same details as to what the event actually involves.


UPDATE: I attempted to get some information on this event directly from the Longbranch today and again came away without any answers. I asked the employee that answered the phone, what WISCONSIN organization was promoting this event?  I was told “No Clue”. I then asked what the details of the event involved and received the same response. As an employee of the tavern on the day of the event, I would have thought this information would have been given to all employees for people calling in on the event. Again, I find it confusing that everything is so hard to get verification on. I actually received a comment on this article, calling me a “renta cop”, and was told this event has gone on for years. I believe this is the second year of the event, and the fact that no information is clear as to what this event actually is all about, and who really is promoting it, has been very unclear. Maybe there really is not anyone in WI that is sponsoring/promoting this event, and maybe this really is a traditional wet t-shirt contest. I have not been able to get a straight answer or even an answer that is the same by two diff. sources as of yet.

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