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August Elmwood Village Report 2013

August 25th, 2013

“Elmwood Fire Dept. getting ready for annual event”



Submitted by Rick A. Talford

Citizen Journalist

ELMWOOD, WI- The Elmwood Village Board Meeting was held on Monday, August 12 at the Village Auditorium. Trustee Neil Boltic was absent this month. A Public Hearing started the evening at 6:45 PM. The Hearing was held for making amendments to ordinance 9-1-53, and there was no public input received on this item. The board waited for fifteen minutes, to see if anyone from the public would attend to ask questions for the item. At 7 PM the Regular Board Meeting was then started. The approval for last month’s minutes was then approved with a correction (word “motion” added) made before they carried the motion. There was no public input during the regular board meeting.

Approval of three Operator’s Licenses was then discussed and completed, for Cassandra Bengston, Tanner Hoyt and Carmen Stewart. The approval of Resolution 2013-06 Authorizing Signatures was then discussed with Sam Petrasko, being added as a “Department Head”.

There were a couple board appointments for the Nursing Home, as Trustee Delorse Radtke made the motion for Phil Dzubay and Debra Feiler to take the open seats. Trustee Susan Dzubay abstained from the vote.


The next item on the agenda was the Ordinance change to 9-1-53 “Private Well Abandonment”. An Amendment was made, changing/adding information required by the DNR to this Ordinance.


The Elmwood Fire Dept. is having their annual event in September on the 7th and 8th. A Picnic License and Operator’s License were both approved, as well as the street between Omaha and Groot will be closed for their event.


In Committee and Board Reports: Trustee Delorse Radtke provided information from the Library Committee. She stated the library had new users, and several programs planned for the future. She also commented about the library raising sixty-five dollars from the book sale that went on during UFO Days. “There is interest from the committee to be part of the upcoming budget talks,” she added. In the Personnel and Finance Committee, Trustee Susan Dzubay spoke about the revising of the personnel policy, and the fact that they spoke with Employee Carl Schoeder about his job duties. No changes to his job duties were made. Dzubay also provided information from the Parks & Buildings Committee. Brier Pest Management will be brought in to get rid of a bat issue from the Auditorium building. A handicapped port-a-potty was also gotten for the Butternut Park, as well as new swings. New chairs for the board members use have also been purchased this month, at a price of $2,000.00. Trustee Mike Sand spoke to the board about the Public Works Committee information. The committee met with Wendy Maves in regards to the upcoming work that will be done on Highway 72, and the future work on Highway 128. Some street repair to cracks was also discussed for the village. New Officer Sam Petrasko spoke about his experience so far with the village, adding he is working on a Trac grant for a new computer system in the new truck. Petrasko has also requested the ability to purchase more equipment for the truck. He wants to add a brush guard and a new spot light. The board is sending this back to the Committee for review. There was no report from the Licensing Committee.


The approval to pay the bills was completed, and the meeting adjourned at 7:44PM.


In Elmwood School News: Longtime employee Lois Adank has retired after 41 years of service as the middle school/high school secretary. Adank graduated from Elmwood School, and has lived with her husband Don for over 50 years. She also spent ten years working at the village office. A party was held, as her final day as an employee was Friday, August 16, 2013. Nicole Freirmuth, from River Falls School District has been hired as her replacement. She has worked there for 20 years. In other big news, Principal Alwin resigned her position as of June 30, 2013. No information on her future plans was given.






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